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With Media
* J.SUN have been invited to make presentations in English about China industry markets at major industry events held at Europe, North America, China Hong Kong, China Mainland, etc.
In Press:
* Also, J.SUN have been invited to be interviewed to write articles and give point of views, comments, analysis, forecast for China industry markets published in global media.
Column Interviews:
J.SUN written by Andrew van Buren (China correspondent) Sunday, 18 October 2009, of Next Insight, http://www.nextinsight.biz/index.php/story-archive-mainmenu-60/902-2009-chinahk-companies-/1604-sun-jianliang-spotting-sweet-opportunities-in-steel
J. SUN compiled in a professional book titled Impression by the Traders in Iron & Steel Industry, Series III, Pages 167-171, May 2008 Edition, Today Publishing House.


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